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A wanderer between the stars, roaming the galaxy. 

Nomad features a built-in heat-sink for efficient heat disposal and an all-in-one core design that allows a full core and crystal chamber reveal.


The installed tier includes the following electronics: 

  • Golden Harvest V3 (Soundboard) or ProffieV3.9
  • ShtokCustomWorx (NPXL) NeoPixel connector: Compatible with TCSS/VV/PlecterPixel Blade side pcbs/blades
  • ShtokCustomWorx NeoPixel  Crystal Chamber LED RING
  • High Bass 27mm KR-Sabers Speaker


  • This Saber is delivered without a NeoPixel Blade! If you need to purchase one you can find them here: SaberArmory / TCSS.


Nomad Hilt includes the following parts:

1x Grip

1x Emitter

1x Neck

7x Rails

1x Pommel

1x Button

1x Switchbox

1x Set of screws


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