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A micro sabersmithery in Switzerland

We‘re small, but mighty.

We design everything we produce and we install and ship out all of your orders right from our small city apartment in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our focus

Innovation & quality

With mechanical engineering & design being our (actually, Tamino‘s) background, we design our products with innovative solutions, simplicity and quality in mind. We want your hilts to last forever, just like your love for the SW universe.

Anyone is welcome to the party

For newbies & veterans

Our hilts, especially the Verndari, is built to be super easy to install. If you are new to this hobby, have no fear. We manufacture our cores/chassis in house and every single one of our hilts is shipped with one. That means that you don‘t have to find a third party core/chassis design and you also dont have to worry about getting it 3D printed for you by someone. It‘s all included.

We are assembling and installing our lightsabers by hand
in our little studio.

Professional mechanical design & engineering

Designed & built with care

We only use the best quality CNC machining and 3D printing techniques & materials to make our hilts.

only 100 hilts or less

Manufactured in small batches

We never manufacture more than 100 of the same hilt. That means that being an owner of one of our hilts is super special and your hilt will have a high resell value, especially if you go with one of our special edition hilts.

We are relatively new, but already known

Making hilts since 2020

Since May 2020, we‘ve been sending out hilts to customers who love and support our work. So far, our clientele have been huge fans of what we do, and share our excitement and pure love for the hilts we design.