Our first entry into the realm of replicas.

Reborn through imagination.

Canon with a twist

Removable emitter, no screws involved.
Screen accurate but with the AzSabers design aesthetic.

Reborn through imagination.

Not just your regular

Feast your eyes on these magnificent light venting slots, revealing the beauty of the core and kyber crystal. They bring whats inside, outside.

because why not

Eardrum blowing

As you have grown accustomed to and love.

- KrSabers 27mm high bass speaker


Knurling where it matters

Carefully machined and anodised aluminium with a sprinkle of knurling for extra grip. This beautiful ring isn't just aesthetics, it serves the purpose of reinforcing the emitter to grip connection.

Did you know

In-House Production

Finely crafted removable core system 3D printed and installed in our small studio in Switzerland.

Pushing the limits


We believe that you do not have to fork out 350 USD for an empty and pay additionally north of 500 USD for it to be installed.

We can achieve our prices because we love this hobby. We are not here to make money since both Katy and I (Tamino) have full time jobs. This "luxury" allows us to deliver price competitive products with outstanding quality because we are not init for the grind but the passion.

our first

Two button setup

Ignition and auxiliary switches accessible through the switchbox



Duum comes delivered in a stunning custom box with explosion wireframe print and soft foam inlay. It isn't just a box for the postal transport but a box which can be used to store the saber for safe keeping, travels etc.

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Introducing Duum

Check out how incredibly well it turned out 🤯 I designed this saber from the ground up, basing it on the real hilt in Rebels. Though I was not finished there, this was just the beginning 😏. 

Once the design reached canon level it was time to add the AzSabers design language. Obviously I added the obligatory emitter detach mechanism and sprinkled the hilt with small details that make it uniquely what you’ve learned to expect from AzSabers.

Just look at how beautifully the slot vents in the grip have been machined 😍. These are the eye catchers of this magnificent saber, making it truly unique. It allows for the internals to shine ✨. As you can see, I took a drastic departure from the green colour scheme of the original and re-envisioned the saber as a predecessor. Giving it a more divine and regal, perhaps sophisticated look. 

As expected, you can look forward to a completely removable chassis with crystal chamber and the renowned AzSabers sound experience. 🔊💥

This is the most complex saber I’ve designed and it is packing with features and details.

Here is an overview: 

  • This is our most complex hilt to date, featuring over more than 22 metal parts and a cool interlocking mechanism for the emitter. 
  • This is our first 2 button setup. You have the main and auxiliary switch accessible at the switch box. 
  • The switches are spring loaded plungers. 
  • It accepts a regular 1inch blade.  
  • 28mm internal grip diameter.
  • Designed for a 27mm high bass speaker.
  • Screw-less removability of the Emitter
  • The knurled golden ring accent serves as detailing and as mechanism for securing the emitter assembly to the hilt. 
  • + 2 additional screws to reinforce the emitter in case you are about to have the duel of the fates.
  • They come standard installed as non functional and are hidden under the 2 accent parts. 
  • Non visually interrupting blade retention screw (M4).
  • Beautifully machined emitter accent window in the shroud and emitter core allowing for shine through of the blade or blade plug.
  • Naturally clean, non-fingerprintable surface finish, cause who likes to see fingerprints all over. 
  • Clock-able Pommel Ring. Allowing for easy alignment of the pommel fins. 
  • Magnetic switchpanel 
  • Magnetic lock key which secures the emitter. 
  • The center of gravity is engineered to rest just below the tsuba with a blade inserted. 
  • Accompanied by a beautiful packaging box in matte white and custom print. 
  • Designed for a removable 18650 battery. 
  • Access to the SD card and usb hub.

Important notes: 

  • The Switchbox and panel is changing slightly. It will have raised walls to protect it from accidental side impacts and the panel will be ever so slightly less wide. 
  • I will share pictures along the way. 
  • The Philips screw securing the emitter accent part will be exchanged for either a hex or torx screw for aesthetic reasons. 

To be honest, I was completely blown away by how this turned out. It is more magnificent and beautiful than I intended and expected. 

I am happy to announce that we will add Duum to our lineup of high quality sabers offering yet another great design alongside the Verndari and the Nomad. 

The celestials have converged, Nomad the dark side, Verndari the light side and Duum as the one in the middle.