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Pre-order Duum - AzSabers

Pre-order Duum - AzSabers

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Reborn through imagination. Inspired by a legend. I present Duum

Expected shipping date: September / October 2024 depending on your order window.


Duum is launched with GHv3 as default configuration. Before your saber gets installed you will have the chance to upgrade the soundboard to a Proffie V3.9 and perhaps CFX if you wish to do so for an additional charge. Shipping fee and soundboard upgrade price will be collected before your saber ships out.

This is the most complex saber I’ve designed and it is packing with features and details.

Here is an overview: 

  • Featuring more than 22 metal parts and a interlocking mechanism for the emitter. 
  • This is our first 2 button setup. You have the main and auxiliary switch accessible at the switch box. 
    • The switches are spring loaded plungers. 
  • It accepts a regular 1inch blade.  
  • 28mm internal grip diameter.
  • Designed for a 27mm high bass speaker.
  • Screw-less removability of the Emitter
    • They come standard installed as non functional and are hidden under the 2 accent parts. 
    • The knurled golden ring accent serves as detailing and as mechanism for securing the emitter assembly to the hilt. 
    • + 2 additional screws to reinforce the emitter in case you are about to have the duel of the fates.
  • Non visually design interrupting blade retention screw (M4).
  • Beautifully machined emitter accent window in the shroud and emitter core allowing for shine through of the blade or blade plug.
  • Naturally clean, non-fingerprintable surface finish, cause who likes to see fingerprints all over. 
  • Clock-able Pommel Ring. Allowing for easy alignment of the pommel fins. 
  • Magnetic switchpanel 
  • Magnetic lock key which secures the emitter. 
  • The center of gravity is engineered to rest just below the tsuba with a blade inserted. 
  • Accompanied by a beautiful packaging box in matte white and custom print. 
  • Designed for a removable 18650 battery. 
  • Access to the SD card and usb hub.

    Important notes: 

    • The Switchbox and panel is changing slightly. It will have raised walls to protect it from accidental side impacts and the panel will be ever so slightly less wide. 
      • I will share pictures along the way. 
    • The Philips screw securing the emitter accent part will be exchanged for either a hex or torx screw for aesthetic reasons. 

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