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Golden Harvest V3

Golden Harvest V3

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Features of the Golden Harvest v3

Technical Specifications

- tiny dimensions of 28.5mmx18.5mmx3.7mm/1.12”x0.73”x0.15”
- powered by 3.7 V (single 18650 Li-ion cell for example)
- provides 9 LED channels that can be customized independently from each other:

4 LED channels can deliver up to 9 A each:
can drive SingleCrees, DualCrees, TriCrees and QuadCrees can drive Neopixel

5 LED channels can deliver up to 20 mA each:
can drive accent, crystal chamber or switch LEDs for example

- Capable of delivering up to 36 A in sum (in practice, both battery and heat dissipation are the limiting factors here)

- full customizability even of accent LEDs such as switch LEDs or crystal chamber LEDs using the whole range of our effect engine

- optional USB charging and file transfer feature (using our Seedling module, see below) microSD card slot

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