How to install your first lightsaber: Verndari installation guide step by step

How to install your first lightsaber: Verndari installation guide step by step

So you just got your empty Verndari in the mail and you‘re ready to install it? It might be your first time installing a lightsaber from scratch or you might be a veteran already. Either way, you‘re in the right place for a step-by-step installation guide specifically for our Verndari chassis. 

So let‘s get into it!

Installation checklist: 

The following list is what you would need to install your core successfully:

  1. A 3D printed core from us. 
    1. a 3D printed adapter piece that comes with the core
  2. A Button 
  3. A Killswitch 
  4. Various wires (click here for the exact specifications) [PS: We provide all of the needed wires]
  5. A speaker (27mm high bass speaker from KrSabers)
  6. An 18650 rechargeable flat top battery 
  7. Your soundboard of choice. Our Verndari core was designed specifically for housing Golden Harvest V3 and Proffie soundboards. 
  8. A good quality soldering iron
  9. Solder Wire
  10.  Cleaning sponge
  11. Some tip tinner
  12. Hot glue gun

Wires checklist:

(PS: We provide all of the needed wires)

  1. Black:
    1. 22 AWG
    2. Cut it at core length (the length of the core) 
    3. NPXL use for minus
    4. You need 2 of them
  2. Red:
    1. 22 AWG
    2. This should reach from the top of the core to the battery exit
    3. NPXL use for plus
    4. You need 2 of them
  3. Orange: 
    1. 28 AWG
    2. It should be a thin wire
    3. Same as black wire length (core length)
    4. Datawire
    5. You need 1 of them
  4. White: 
    1. 28 AWG
    2. Core length as well
    3. For the button
    4. You need 2 of them
  5. Black
    1. 22 AWG
    2. Same-ish length as the red wire
    3. For the killswitch
    4. One will be soldered to the killswitch
    5. The other will be soldered to the battery connector
  6. Grey 
    1. 28 AWG
    2. Length should be twice the soundboard length
    3. For the speaker
    4. Both sides stripped and tinned
    5. You need 2 of them

Now that you have everything you need to start your install, let‘s go to step one!


Let‘s get started

Step one: Assembling your NPXL

  • Strip and tin all your wires that you need for your NPXL assembly. 
  • Solder the pins onto the NPXL
    • Carefully "turn" the the wire ends to look like a hook so you can easily tin it onto the respective pads on the NPXL.
  • Pre tin the pads on the NPXL, you dont have to pre tin the pads that you won‘t need. 
  • Put the wired up NPXL into the 3D printed adapter piece.
  • "Spread" the wires out for sorting.
  • Pre-heat your hot glue gun
  • Glue your NPXL from the back, so that your NPXL is steadied in place with the adapter piece.
    • Hold it gently until the glue has cooled down.
  • Put your NPXL assembly to the side, in a safe spot where you won‘t lose it.

Step two: The Button

  • Tin and strip the white wires for the button.
    • Make a loop out of the wire like so:

  • Solder the white wires to the button.
  • Cut 2 of the pads off of the button because you don’t need them.

  • Solder the long red wire to the battery connector

Step Three: Killswitch

  • Solder one small black wire onto the killswitch (the other one you‘ll do when you get to the soundboard part)
  • Make sure to use shrink wrap to protect the killswitch connection with the wires.

Step four: Assembling the heatsink

  • Take the M3 screw that comes with the heatsink
  • Screw it into the heatsink, not all the way. 
  • Put the NPXL connector into the heatsink
  • Put the heatsink onto the core
  • Use the outer channels to wire in the long black wires to the end of the core

Long black NPXL wires in the Verndari core

  • Wire the small red wires like so:
  • This is what it looks like from the front

  • Fix the heatsink with the screw to the core

Step five: Feeding in all the wires

  • Feed in the data wire into the hidden channel
  • Feed in the battery connector wire to the same hole where the red wires come out

  • Solder the battery connector and the red wires from the NPXL together
  • Once they are soldered together you can push the wires back and shape them to fit into the area in the back.

  • Feed the long wire from the battery connector into one of the hidden channels until you get the bottom of the core

  • Put the button with the white wires into its place adhesive tape on the back of it.

  • Feed the white wires into the same channel that you fed the orange wire into (the hidden channel),

Step six: Wiring up your soundboard

  • Solder the wires onto your proffie or GH as indicated by the manufacturer‘s instructions. 

Step seven: The Speaker

  • Wire the speaker to the soundboard
  • Use the grey wires

Step Eight: Test your core!

To test your core, insert an 18650 flat top battery and check if it makes a startup sound. If yes, well done! If no, make sure to check back if you have done every step correctly. Feel free to contact us if you have any technical difficulties. We respond the quickest when you message us via our Instagram page:



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